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Abbots Cross Primary School, Newtownabbey


16th Nov 2020

Hi everyone!

Over the past two weeks, our Primary 7 class have been using two different coding apps on the iPads. The first app that we looked at was an app called ‘Tynker’. This app was used so we could create some short stories/scenes. We enjoyed creating funny stories through the use of coding. It also provided us with a chance to share our knowledge of coding with our partners to improve our work.

We then looked at a new app, for our class, called ‘Hopscotch’. I must say, for this being the first time that our class has used this app, the children absolutely aced it! They were able to draw 2D shapes using code with ease. So I challenged them to make a rotational pattern using 2D shapes. Again the children were able to rise to this difficult challenge. The Hopscotch app provided us with a great opportunity to talk about what ‘bugs’ are in coding and how we can use trial and error to fix these bugs in our code.

We clearly have some great coders in our class!😁

Have a peek at the photos to see our work.